Kherai is a world of extremes. The poles are frigid wastelands, permanently covered with ice and snow. Blinding snowstorms are not uncommon, blotting out the sun on an already short wintry day.

Kherai has two major continents, Altus and Brevis. The southern jungles of Brevis are dense and foreboding, rife with cannibal tribes and fierce predators. Its mountainous northern slopes build up to the high plains of the frozen pole, where nomadic bands wander in search of pasture for their livestock, and clan warfare is the only real constant. Altus’ southern half is divided amongst the fiefdoms of mountainous barbarian lands and the noble kingdoms on its rocky coastlines. The northern portion of Altus may be small, but its sandy makeup and intricate coast has given birth to the floating cities, the great engineering achievements of the time. Unfortunately, they devote much of their time to a constant low-grade war against the pirate fleets that all but rule the seas.

Altus and Brevis are separated by the two great oceans, Tamis and Vastia. It is said that long ago the floating cities were the only cities, and that they moved, fought, and even sank beneath the waves of the great seas.

The one feature that is common to all regions of the world is the world-circling equatorial desert. It goes by many names, and is home to bandits, exiles, hermits, and, some say, creatures not quite of this world.


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