Technology Levels

Technological Progress on Kherai

Technology levels vary widely across Kherai. This is generally referencing mechanical technology and science – it does not apply to magic used in place of physical mechanisms, e.g. flying carpets or ‘light’ spells.


  • The southern areas of Brevis are primitive, stone tools and animal hides being the peak of technological development.
  • Northern Brevis is home to nomadic tribes that have mastered domestication. They use bronze tools and have developed woven fabrics and leather tanning.
  • The equatorial deserts are also home to nomads. The lack of suitable ores and wood there dictate the use of tools made from the bones and teeth of desert creatures.
  • Southern Altus has a feudal system in place, with stone and masonry buildings, iron and steel tool and weapons, and prevalent use of wheels and draft animals.
  • Northern Altus is the most advanced area of the planet. Floating Device or steam powered cities, oceangoing battleships, and crude airship technology are not universal, but still common enough to be recognizable to common people.

UWP Levels of Kherai

Floating Cities

  • TTL 4
  • GURPS 5

Skymount Coadunate

  • TTL 3
  • GURPS 5

Desert Tribes

  • TTL 1
  • GURPS 3

Jotnar Lands

  • TTL 2
  • GURPS 4

Nations of Northern Brevis

  • TTL 1
  • GURPS 1

Jungle Tribes (Southern Brevis)

  • TTL 0
  • GURPS 0

Non-Humaniod Sentients

Most non-humaniod races are very primitive, or use magic instead of technology. For game rules purposes they are considered to be TL 0/0.

Technology Levels

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