Player Races

Two new playable races have been introduced in this game. They are not discussed in the original rules.


These races are both described in the Races section of the Wiki. Their pages are listed below.

Game Stats


Jotnar both gain bonuses and incur penalties because of their size. Their STR is increased above normal, but both their DEX and AC are decreased.

  • Stat Bonuses/Penalties
Stat Bonus
STR +3
DEX -1
AC -1


The Djeyim’s adaptations to their extreme environment give them resistances to certain forms of damage. They gain no racial stat bonuses.

  • Damage Reduction
    • Damage Reduction is applied after every other modifier, including bonuses and multipliers
Type Reduction Amt.
Physical -1
Heat/Fire -5
Cold/Frost -5
  • Wilderness Survival
    • The Djeyim gain a +5 bonus to any Wilderness Lore or Wilderness Survival skill checks in a desert environment.

Player Races

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