These pages are tagged for reference. Game Info, Game Lore, and Rules pages are all on this page. Search by tags to find each type of info.

(Page tagging is a work in progress AtM.)


Game Lore is information that a players character can be expected to know. This includes things like mythology, religion, current events, and the general location of nations and cities. It also includes information about monsters and enemies, but this is limited to descriptions and habits, not stats.


Game Information is what the player should know. This includes things like technology levels, how magic works in-game, and the stats of playable and friendly races. This information can be used to make informed choices as to how to act the character.


Game Rules are the actual mechanics of the game. DCs, Stats, Skills, hit points, buffs, and other information governing the actual game play. This information should be considered outside the realm of the character, and should not influence the character’s actions or decisions beforehand.


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