Magic Rules

The M20 rules for magic users are fairly restrictive, in both spell level advancement and spell cost.

If the default rules prove to be too much of an encumbrance to the Magi and Cleric classes, we can use the OEMR posted here.

Proposed Changes

Magi do not use a spell list, instead they manipulate raw magic to create any required effect. To cast any spell the caster rolls his Magic Attack.


The DC depends on the type of spell.

Spell Type DC
Damaging Target’s Magic AC
Healing Target’s HP
Mind Affecting 1d20 + Opponent’s MIND bonus
Willing Target/Self 0
Transformation 10 + Modifiers or Target’s HP


  • To hit with a ranged directly damaging spell (Fireball, Ray of Cold, etc.), 1d20 + Magic Attack must exceed the target’s AC (10 + DEX + Magic Resistance) by at least 5 to increase the range increment.
  • To heal a target, provided that the target is willing, the caster must roll 1d20 + Magic Attack. That roll minus the target’s current HP is the amount of health restored.
  • To polymorph a living target, 1d20 + Magic attack must be equal to or greater than the target’s HP, plus at least 5 for 1 round of duration. Unwilling targets can save (1d20 + MIND + PHYS) to resist.
  • Illusions are automatically cast, and the caster’s Magic roll sets the resistance (1d20 + MIND) DC. Targets may substitute their KNO score if they have knowledge of the illusion’s subject matter.
  • Charm- or Dominate-type spells must beat an opposed roll vs. the target’s 1d20 + MIND roll.

Each spell cast increases the DC of all future spells by +2, cumulatively, until the magic user rests. If a caster has cast three spells since their last rest, the next spell cast will be a a -6 penalty.

Spell Failure

If a caster’s roll fails to exceed the target DC, then the spell fails. The +2 modifier for a cast spell still applies.

Magic Resistance

Magic resistance is granted by items, e.g., a suit of Plate +2 gives +2 to Magic Resistance vs. directly damaging spells.

Spell Pools

For every 5 points (or part thereof) above the DC the caster gains a point in their Spell Pool. Drawing from the Spell Pool, they may add points to the damage, range, area of effect, or duration scales. If no points are allocated, then the defaults are used. The Spell Pool is only valid for the round they were rolled. If not used, the points are lost.

If the caster rolls a natural twenty, they add and roll again. If further natural twenties are rolled, they continue adding and rolling.

Spell points can be allocated according to this table:

Spell Attribute Default + 1 Point =
Damage/Healing 0 +1d6
Range Touch +30’
Area of Effect 0 +10’
Duration Instant +1 Round
Summoning 1 HD / 1 Creature + 1 HD or + 1 Creature
Transformation 0 +/- 1 Size Cat.

A spell lasts as long as the caster concentrates (performing no other action except one five foot step per round) up to its max duration.


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